Grooming and Care

Labradoodle Care 

To ensure tangle free hair, all labradoodles should be brushed 20 minutes per week. Initially, use a slicker brush , one layer at a time, and then a detangler comb. Comb or cut out any matting, wet with a spray bottle and comb fleece to blend. The exact grooming needs of a Labradoodle will depend on the individual coat that the dog has. With their love of people, the labradoodle does best living inside as a part of the family.


Clean the ears weekly with a good ear cleaner that includes a drying agent. Squirt the cleaner in the ear and wipe with a cotton ball. This helps prevent ear infections. Also clean the ears after bathing or swimming.

The Labradoodle will require daily exercise as well as play time in order to be happy and healthy. Dogs that are not provided with sufficient play and exercise time are likely to become bored. 

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